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Our Projects

Fellows of Nature

Fellows of Nature (FON) has been founded to build a community of nature writers and revive interest in nature writing and reading, and through this form of literature, build awareness and develop respect for nature, and eventually help in conservation. The initiatives of Fellows of Nature will help put the spotlight on critical environment issues through literature.

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Libraries Development Programme

Libraries Development Programme (LDP) is a programme to set up, operate and manage vibrant and sustainable 21st century public libraries that serve as formidable knowledge centres. We recognise that public libraries operate within a wider framework of library provisions of local government services. The aim of the project is to support the local authorities to intensify or widen their area of operations in an enterprising way without losing or compromising their ethos and core objectives.

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Museum Culture Development Forum

Museum Culture Development Forum has been set up to bring together various stakeholders in the museum industry, help in development of museums, frame guidelines, conduct training and exchange programmes and build culture of museum visiting in India.

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Living the Heritage

Living the Heritage is an initiative to build awareness at national level about our heritage, engage with communities in respecting our heritage sites, take pride in them and pass on these places to future generations so that they understand what came before them.

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Literary Bhagidari

The aim of Literary Bhagidari is to hone the skills of children, as well as introduce them to the world of words. The project has already been taken out well with school children in Uttrakhand, and now the children of Agra are all set to discover the magical power of words.

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Back to Diary

Back to Diary is aimed at encouraging people to keep a diary or a personal journal. In earlier generations, it was common to keep the diary or personal journal. Today few people do it, and very few recognize the value and astonishing power of keeping a journal. The diary is an invaluable sandbox not only for learning the...

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Women Unlimited Series

Women Unlimited Series Forum is an initiative of NHP Centre, for inclusion of women’s talents, skills and energies in various creative programmes of the NHP Centre and the Taj Colloquium Foundation.

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Policy Dialogue Forum

Taj Colloquium Policy Dialogue Forum has been established to serve as a platform to hold dialogue with policy makers. Policy dialogues may be organised entirely by public policy makers to feed formally into a decision. Or they could be initiated in an entirely different way, primarily by people without decision-making authority and be one of many inputs feeding into the development of a policy.

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Poems of Cities

The aim of Poems of Cities is to inculcate pride about one’s cities, to collate and publish poetry arising out of cities (because it has been home to well known poets) or poetry on and around cities.

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