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Policy Dialogue Forum

Policy dialogues are a key mechanism for holding deliberations and consultations with the stakeholders and experts in a democratic system. They are carefully constructed, deliberative meetings that seek to exchange information and build consensus recommendations between the public, private, and civic sectors through leaders who are in a position to forge alliances, make decisions, or strongly influence the trajectory of a possible solution to a challenging issue. Policy dialogues share the common aim that discussion and careful consideration should contribute to a well-informed policy decision, but they may vary widely in terms of how they are intended to feed into the policy development process.

Policy dialogues may be organised entirely by public policy makers to feed formally into a decision. Or they could be initiated in an entirely different way, primarily by people without decision-making authority and be one of many inputs feeding into the development of a policy.

Taj Colloquium Policy Dialogue Forum has been established to serve as a platform to hold dialogue with policy makers.

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